A Seed is Sown

by Summer of Aden

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released April 29, 2013

Recorded at Mating System Studios in Natick, MA. Mixed, and mastered by Brendan Ledoux and Dan Aden except for "Fata Morgana" and "The Sky Did Not Fall" (mixed and mastered by Michael Okusami). All music written by Dan Aronov.
Album art designed by Danielle Painting.




Summer of Aden Boston, Massachusetts

Boston singer songwriter, Dan Aden, created Summer of Aden in 2010 with a debut Self-Titled EP consisting of "folky" songs that paved the way for his mellow yet cathartic sound. Typically writing and recording much of his own instrumentation on the records, the writer has since then formed a five-piece band that thrives on hundreds of stages around Boston and the Northeast. ... more

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Track Name: Fata Morgana
Feels like a march through the young fields.
Crossed with care along the lost leaves.
We read it on time.
Astrology books they seemed to lie.
The thing that is sad
is that I dont care about that any longer.

Straighten folds, make them disappear
So they'll know it's straight from the soul.
This stringed ignorance
Strums notes of bliss through the open waters.
This ruthless fate, true love would thank.
Oh, those poor old lovers...

Winds have changed and I turned around with them too.
With this heart, we suffer in beauty. It's true.

We're spared the tragic flaw of love
and that's its own doom.
And the mystery in those times when I levitate up off the ground...
I swear...

Can this be true?
Something's going on.
Something's going on around me.

Why is this so?
Feels like something's going on within me.
All that I know is sha-la-la-la-la
I don't know.
Track Name: The Sky Did Not Fall
I saw my heart floating around me,
stalking me like a little devil on my side.

I found God in a reading I did up north
telling me to go down south
and find my way back to you somehow.

I see that is God is me, and i'm a sinner.
when I don't mind it the air gets thinner,
so sway your crooked spirit to a toast,
it's ghostly in verse.

Looking back, now I see
that looking back took its toll on me.

Don't you dwell on diamond reasons
that are hidden with the dirt.
In the digging you'll get stuck in holes vast and wide.

And you will find freedom not to feel free.
Because when August trips you, you'll crawl.
You'll crawl,
waiting for sky to fall.